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Jeniffer Giraldo

I am software engineer with a diverse background in teaching and education, skilled in critical thinking and problem-solving. Passionate about leveraging technology to enhance lives and make a positive impact. Lifelong learner eager to contribute to meaningful projects.

Jeniffer Giraldo
Jeniffer Giraldo

Final ProjectSip Savvy Mocktails

My project is dedicated to exploring the growing popularity of mocktails, the non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional cocktails. It delves into the reasons behind their rise, particularly focusing on health consciousness, the significance of designated drivers, inclusivity, and the creative potential they offer. By featuring a wide array of mocktail recipes and informative content, Sip Savvy Mocktails aims to encourage healthier lifestyle choices, promote overall public safety, and foster an inclusive environment for those opting to abstain from alcohol. The website celebrates the delightful and satisfying nature of mocktails, highlighting their complexity and visual appeal. Through this project, I aim to contribute to a responsible and enjoyable social drinking culture, where mocktails play a positive and exciting role.


Why Boca Code?

The small class sizes and project-based learning approach appealed to me, as it allows for personalized attention and practical skills development. Additionally, the positive reviews and success stories from alumni motivated me to overcome my initial intimidation and pursue my interest in coding.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

The most important skill for success in the tech industry as a software engineer is adaptability. It will allow me to connect my teaching expertise with the technical skills required in software engineering. Embracing adaptability will help me thrive in this field and making a successful transition into the tech industry.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

The pursuit of a career in the tech field is driven by the need for financial stability and a passion for utilizing technology to benefit teachers, students, and parents. As an educator, I am constantly formulating creative ideas, but unfortunately, my current profession lacks the support to bring them to fruition. Transitioning into the tech industry presents an exciting opportunity to explore and implement my ideas freely, fostering ingenuity and empowering creativity. I am eager to blend my existing skills with technology, making a significant impact on education while also enjoying improved financial prospects and personal growth in this ever-changing field.