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Daniel Barba

For Daniel, as a former machinist and product developer, building and design is both a trade and hobby. He loves to optimize and create new systems and solutions for clients of all types. A leader and entrepreneur at heart, but engineer in practice, he loves challenges and making ideas a reality.

Daniel Barba
Daniel Barba

Final ProjectPigEBank

PigEBank is a banking and chore tracking app built to equip parents to teach their kids about finances. Using chores as income, parents can teach their children fundamentals in managing income, savings, and debt.


Why Boca Code?

I actually saw a Facebook ad for Boca Code as a 10 week bootcamp, which is very fast. When I went to visit the school, after meeting Todd and seeing how genuinely happy and interested the students were, I could tell this course and the instructors are not there to waste your time (Todd actually said the second part lol). This is a complete take back from my college experience where everything was far slower, more time and money investing, with far less return.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

I would say adaptability, flexibility, and applicability. Our world changes so fast, being stuck on one system, one way, one tool, etc... certainly, with few exceptions, is going to leave an individual behind. These three are best summarized in the ability to know how to learn. We have a lot of internet tools at our disposal that aids in that, and being an actual pre requisite course at Boca Code before joining the cohort and applying this during the course certainly has proven helpful to all of us at BC.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

Of all the engineering disciplines I have touched the last 10 years, this has always stuck out the most as my favorite. As a kid I played a lot with electronics and recently, before Boca Code, a lot of work with the Arduino framework and ATmel chips. Software development and engineering brings to life mechatronic or completely electronic based platforms and systems, and is certainly the future on the horizon.