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Brian Pinney

Brian has worn many hats in his career journey, exploring various paths that range from hospitality and network infrastructure to security systems, sales, food service, and photography (just to name a few!). He thrives on adaptability and has a knack for embracing change, effortlessly navigating the twists and turns that life throws his way. In his spare time, Brian indulges in a range of hobbies that fuel his creativity and inspire him to bridge the gap between his passions and his professional pursuits.

Brian Pinney
Brian Pinney

Final ProjectBÜNDO

BÜNDO is a crowd sourcing app that allows nomadic dwellers to submit a safe legal and exciting boondocking(parking) locations so that others may be able to find and rate them for the rest to discover and do the same.


Why Boca Code?

Most other options were virtual, and the few in-person options had limited curriculum or unrealistic timeframes. Boca Code seemed to check all the right boxes. They offer in-person learning, a full stack software engineering course, and a suitable timeframe for effective learning.

What are some of the important skills for success in your field?

Continuous learning and adaptability are vital. This industry is constantly changing. Critical problem-solving skills are a must. Seeking growth opportunities and connecting with others in the industry are essential for success.

What inspired you to pursue your current career path?

I wanted to be able to utilize a skill that would allow for freedom to work anywhere. I was looking for something that would always hold my attention and that could offer reasonable challenges. Tech has always held my attention and this seemed to be the right fit in the tech field.